Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was recommended by a friend that used to see him and am so glad. Great service! I was only in town for a few days and he was able to fit me in twice to sort out a very painful situation."

- Kristy M.

"Bill is awesome. He straightened me out more time than I can count. Also worked wonders on my son's sore pitching arm."

- Roy B.

"Dr. Porath is a lucky find for me, he knows more about body mechanics and nerves than most neurologists! I came in after having basically healed a long two-year rhabdo injury that was re-injured and sent me spiraling down into a pit of depression and confusion due to The fact two years worth of work went down the drain and four years worth of surgeries and other healing modalities trying to get it healed again failed time after time. His method of active nerve release technique is amazing and I knew there was a scar or adhesion inside my leg that no doctor could find. we are making excellent progress with what he is doing and I can tell he's made a difference so far ! He's also probably the best Chiropractor I've ever come across and getting kinks out of the spine and neck are effortless for him!"

- Destin R.

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